Dress Code


In keeping with our commitment to professionalism and customer service, PIH Health requires its volunteers be neat, clean, and well groomed while on duty.  The Volunteer Services department is proud of our volunteers in upholding the following requirements that are standard at PIH Health for all Volunteers:

  • Volunteers must be in an approved uniform with a visible badge at all times when they are at PIH Health, or representing the hospital in public.  The uniform consists of a blue smock that is given to volunteers free of charge.  White pants and white tennis shoes are also required and are the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • Jeans, stretch pants and open-toed shoes are all prohibited
  • White stockings or socks must be worn with shoes at all time
  • Volunteers are expected to be aware and conscientious of their personal hygiene, neatness of attire and cleanliness of apparel.  Jewelry, hairstyle, and cosmetics should be business professional. (i.e., small studded earrings, one ring per finger, light color nail polish, etc.)  Body piercings other then earlobes must be removed while on duty.
  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be completely pulled back, so as not to fall forward.
  • During cooler months, volunteers may wear a white long-sleeve undershirt under the uniform.  Please do not wear jackets over the uniform as you still need to be identified as a volunteer.
  • Clothing should fit properly and be freshly laundered and clean at all times.  It should be in good repair, discreet, modest, and professional in appearance.
  • Tattoos that are visible must be covered
  • Beards and mustaches must be trimmed and well-groomed
  • Specific departments may have further guidelines due to the nature of the work