Apply to Volunteer with Hospice

 Volunteer Opportunities:


Patient/Family Support: Enhance the quality of life for patients and their families in their homes or in a facility such as one of the PIH Health Hospice Houses. Provide companionship, a listening ear and practical assistance. Befriend patients by sharing hobbies, reading to them and offering emotional support. Help families by sitting wtih patients to provide them a much needed break from their duties

(Volunteers are needed - Please apply now.)


In-Patient Unit: Give comfort and care to patients at one of our two hospice houses. Volunteers support and reassure family members, prepare rooms for new patients, answer call lights, provide companionship including reading a book.

(This opportunity is currently closed. We will open the application when additional volunteers are needed.) 


Music Enrichment: The Music Enrichment volunteer provides instrumental music to hospice patients during room visits as part of addressing the whole health of the individual. The goal of this is to lift the emotional spirits of the patient, improve moreale, and provide stress relief through music as a diversion technique. String or wind instruments preferred.

(Volunteers are needed. Please apply now.)


Administrative Support: Volunteers provide support to office personnel and departments in such areas as clerical and record keeping. Projects may include mailings, data entry, phone support, filing, making copies and special events.

(Volunteers are needed. Please apply now)


Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to apply as a Hospice Volunteer



Please click on the link below to apply to the Hospice Volunteer Program:

Hospice Volunteer Application