Who Are Our Volunteers?


PIH Health’s volunteers are diverse in their backgrounds and ages.  Students who volunteer with the intention of pursuing careers in healthcare find PIH Health an exciting place to observe healthcare professionals at work.  Newcomers to the community find volunteering helps them become familiar with the hospital’s programs and services.  Parents of school-age children find that the flexible schedule fits their lifestyle.  Retirees or “empty nesters” contribute their time and experience regularly, making a real difference in the lives of others.  They give of themselves by sharing good will, energy, and skills.  

Volunteers provide complementary services for our hospital guests, patients, families, and visitors.   By performing non-clinical duties, they supplement the activities of professional staff.   Volunteers help to create a caring atmosphere in the hospital and share their story in the community.



We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality of service and support, respect the dignity of the individual, and accept the cultural diversities of the community which we serve.   We are committed to complement and supplement other departments in the delivery of quality care by providing compassionate and trained resourceful individuals.